My experience in accomplishing this task

  I enjoyed using google maps to navigate around the most. I find it interesting to watch pedestrians walking on the pavement, cars travelling on the roads, all came alive right in front of me, without me stepping out of my house, on my learning device.
  One difficulty I faced was finding people to interview. Many of them did not want to talk to me. Apart from that, people who agreed to be interviewed only allowed me to write down what they said and not film them with a video camera. However, they were friendly.
 The part that I disliked the most however, was not the interviewing part. It was actually paraphrasing the content on the page to make sure I do not infringe copyright. I had used the thesaures in to come up with the current content on that page.
  One area I could do better was time allocation of drafting the work. I spent too much time chatting too people and looking up information on the web.