Travelogue Woodlands

  Let me introduce you to a town situated in the north part of Singapore, Woodlands. Woodlands is a residential town within reach of SLE highway which provides residents quick access to central business area . The three prime attractions in Woodlands are as following:

  1. Woodlands Crescent Park
  2. Causeway Point
  3. Civic centre

  Above Map shows the locations of these three prime attractions.

  Woodlands Crescent Park

  It is a neighbourhood recreation park. Residents living around here enjoy using it. It has a few playgrounds, range of exercise equipments, cycling paths and plenty of benches surrounded by beautiful plants.

  I went to talk to a couple of Taiji practitioners. Here are their comments:

  "It is spacious and airy. I practise my Taichi here everyday. The park is next to where I live. So convenient!"-Mrs Wong WanTi

  "I bring my grandchildren here a few times a week. They like the playground. Sometimes, they also cycle here." Mr Tan Bing See

 Causeway Point
 Causeway point is the seventh largest suburban shopping malls in Singapore, located in the town centre of Woodlands, a town in the north of Singapore. Located outside the Woodlands MRT station and the Woodlands Bus Interchange. It has two hundred and fifty retail outlets spread over seven floors and two basement levels.
  Major anchor tenants include Metro, Bangawan Solo, Cold Storage, KFC, Popular Bookstore and Crystal Jade restaurant etc.
  Causeway Point is currently embarking on a thirty months, $72 million facelift to better serve the residents in Woodlands. To improve visibility of shops and create new retail space in prime locations, escalator at the mall will be moved to more convenient areas of the mall. A new food and beverages cluster on level five will be created and new retail offers will be introduced to the revamped mall.

  I spoke to a few shoppers in Causeway Point, here are what they said:

"Causeway is my one-stop shop for all my needs. I cannot do without it, although I have only lived here for 2 years."-Mdm Koh Gek Mui

 "I can get everything here!!!"-Mr Kevin Yong

 Woodlands Civic Centre
Woodlands Civic Centre is a convenient one-stop location for residents and members of the public, to enjoy the use of various government-linked services offered by Woodlands Branch office, CPF Board, North West CDC, National Library Board, etc. Recent upgrading projects have injected even more variety and vibrancy with the entry of new F&B outlets, clinics, enrichment centre and retail outlets, to better serve our customers.

Here are what they say about Civic Centre:

 " I come here to settle my bills and issues with the council. Very convenient since it is close to my house!"-Mr Akid Zulfan

 "I like the Starbuck here. After a visit to the library, I go to Starbuck for a cup of mocha."-Mdm Cheung